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We offer a full range of waxing treatments using both Hard and Strip Wax.

From facial waxing, to leg and underarm waxing we also have incredibly skilled therapists who offer female intimate waxing.

We use industry leading wax from Lycon UK which provides the most comfortable, thorough and as painless as possible results. Our therapists are PRO at intimate waxing so we promise you're in safe hands.

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Facial waxing

A thin layer of strip wax is applied to the Brow, lip, chin or sideburn area and removed with a strip


Leg, arm & underarm

Half or full leg, arm or half arm and underarm. Hard or strip wax is applied in order to remove the hair from the area.


Intimate waxing

Bikini - Area to the side of knicker line

Brazilian - Almost a full hair removal, with a strip left

Hollywood - Absolute intimate hair removal

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