Please note: We have had to implement an (up to) 10% charge onto our services due to increased costs for PPE and time lost to sanitising between clients. Our prices on our website are our old prices as we hope this doesnt need to be a permanent increase. Thank you for your understanding.

 Waxing and Threading

The ever popular way to remove unwanted hair. We use Lycon wax which a popular brand more commonly found in London from 'Strip Distubution' -the world leaders in waxing technologies. Lycon Hot wax can remove hair as short as 1mm, has long lasting exellent results and ensures a 50% Pain reduction! 


Normally we recommend coming in for wax treatment every 4-6 weeks and hair needs to be at least a centimetre long before waxing. We are also one of the only salons in cirencester to provide intimate waxing with both Hot or Strip wax.


We also offer Threading this is a popular metod of hair removal using a cotton thread to remove hairs smoothy and effectivley.Suitable for Eyebrows, Lip or Chin.

Warm wax

1/2 Leg (15 mins)  £18

1/2 Leg & Bikini/Extended bikini (30 mins)  £28/£33

​1/2 Leg & Brazilian/Hollywood (45 mins)  £35

3/4 Leg (20 mins)   £18.50

Full Leg (30 mins)  £25

Full Leg & Bikini/Extended bikini (45 mins)   £35/£39

Full Leg & Brazilian/Hollywood (60 mins)  £42

Bikini (10 mins)  £15

​Extended Bikini (15 mins)   £20

Brazilian/ Hollywood warm wax (up to 30 mins)  £27.50

Underarm (10 mins)   £10

Forearm (15 mins)  £12

Full Arm (30 mins) £18

Back or Chest (20 mins)  £25

Lip or Chin (5mins)   £7.50

Eyebrow Shape (10 mins)   £10.50

Lip & chin (10mins) £13


Hot wax with Lycon  (Please specify when booking that you would like hot wax)

Brazilian or Hollywood (up to 45 mins) £32

Extended Bikini £23

Bikini £18

Lip or chin (5mins) £8

Underarms (15 mins) £12.50

Lip and Chin (15 mins) £14


​Eyebrow threading £10.50

​Facial threading per area £7.50

Full face threading (up to 30 mins) £25