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Advanced Electrolysis

Advanced Electrolysis is used to remove or reduce a range of skin blemishes on the body and face such as skin tags, milia, blood spots, thread veins and spider veins.​


What Can Be Removed?

Skin tags
Thread veins
Spider veins
Cherry angiomas


How Does It Work?

This treatments involves placing a very fine, sterile needle beside or into the blemish and applying a tiny amount of electric current.


The electric current cauterises the blood flow to the blemish to remove or reduce the appearance.

What Can I Expect From My Treatment?


We recommend that you attend a consultation prior to having an Advanced Electrolysis treatment.


During the consultation we will look at your skin blemish(es) and ask you about any health issues that may affect the treatment.


We will also explain the treatment, what we will do, the time it will take and any aftercare required.


For some blemishes and skin lesions, such as moles, we may ask you to consult your GP before starting treatment. Your safety and wellbeing are our priority.


Advanced Electrolysis is completely safe.

Clients describe the treatment sensation as mildly uncomfortable but easily tolerated, with a warm stinging sensation.


A hair fine, sterile needle known as a probe is inserted into the blemish site. A slight electrical current is transmitted through the probe and this cauterises the blood vessels supplying nutrients to the site.


We will advise you of how to treat your skin for the next few weeks after the treatment. If you need further treatment, this will be discussed with you.


We are often asked what the recovery time is but this entirely depends on the blemish you have had treated. Generally, it takes about 2 weeks for an swelling, redness, scabs/crust to disappear.

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