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3D Trilogyice laser

trilogy ice laser

We offer Laser hair removal and Electrolysis which are both methods of permanent hair removal.

Both are best when done regularly so we offer these treatments as a course or as a stand alone treatment.

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3D Trilogy Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

The 3D Trilogyice laser hair removal system uses triple wavelength technology (Alexandrite, Diode and ND:Yag) to achieve maximum results when compared to a single wavelength.

These three wavelengths transfer energy downwards, reaching different depths of the dermal tissue.

3D Trilogyice employs volumetric heating of the dermal tissue, altering function of the hair. The fluence of each pulse from the laser is delivered low but rapidly to collectively heat the dermal tissue and thermally injure the hair follicle.

The melanin in the hair helps to conduct the heat, bringing the temperature of the follicle above the temperature of the dermal tissue.

The duration of each pulse from the laser handpiece is less than the thermal relaxation time of the hair follicle.

This allows the energy to build within the follicle causing irreversible heat trauma. However, the delicate skin tissue is left unaffected.

This trauma effectively impairs the function of the biological elements responsible for hair re-growth.


  • Triple wavelength technology

  • Contact cooling system for optimal client comfort

  • Can be used on most skin types

  • Can treat most areas of the body

  • Precision application

  • Hair re-growth reduction seen after just one treatment

Skin Resurfacing

The 3D Trilogyice long pulse laser can also be used to effectively treat pigmentation by targeting the melanin and collagen.

The triple wavelength laser employs the volumetric heating within the skin’s epidermis and dermis to create heat within the tissue, encouraging the stimulation of collagen encouraging an even complexion and the lightening effect of pigmentation.

The treatment creates a warm sensation within the skin and leaving a slight erythema after treatment.

A course of sessions is recommended for best results and improvement of pigmentation irregularities.

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