Pain Free Hair Free Laser Hair Reduction


Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ is for everyone. It’s safe for all skin types, hair types and most hair colours. It can even be used on tanned skin. The bottom line is - if you have hair where you wish you didn't, Pain-Free, Hair-Free is for you.

The body hair reduction process is permanent, predictable, and virtually pain-free. You'll go through a series of office visits to see the full benefits.

In just a course of 6 treatments* you can be hair free and with our new machine every treatment will also be PAIN FREE.

Our SPA SHR machine is a new type of laser called 'Super Hair Removal', using IN-MOTION technology the laser head builds up a more comfortable heat to produce better, more even results than any other machine.

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Please Note- Prices are estimated and a consultation will be required to advise you on the best possible outcome.

*More than 6 treatments will be required on the face and for fair hair both face and body.